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Why Excellere?


Advisory Board

Director/Principal's Desk

When I walk down the hallways of our school every day, I can hear the chatter of eager minds, the shouts of excitement from the victorious athletes, the thump of Dancing feet and the sound of melodious voices harmonizing.... The perpetual energy, movement and enthusiasm permeate the atmosphere at Excellere World School. Everyday we grow a bit, everyday we grow together!

-Sushma Sharma


Every child is led towards prominence and enabled to enjoy learning experiences both inside and outside the classroom. We combine the eminent CBSE curriculum frameworks with a practical and hands-on programme of differentiation for students in the class ... enabling them to take ownership and responsibility for their class-work, home-assignments and assessments which are periodically conducted as part of our “Checking for Understanding” Philosophy at Excellere.


We at Excellere World School firmly committed in the physical development of children, our daily time tables are structured to accommodate academics with sports. To testify our commitment, the school campus reflects many of our priorities ...and values-responsible. The school campus includes a football field, lawn tennis, volleyball court, badminton along with outdoor & indoor playground equipments for toddlers and multiple indoor games. A child needs to explore and find their strengths to reach their true potential. Whether a child has an introvert or extrovert personality, the aim is to nurture the child into a self-confident individual.

PreSchool - Excellere Arise!

With changing time and need, We believe that the foundation for a successful career is laid at an early age. Therefore, we designed and curated an innovative curriculum for our toddlers. These techniques and tools are presented by well trained and ...experienced teachers. Our teaching methodology is a combination of international teaching methods and basic concepts of traditional values. Each classroom has its own learning culture encouraging creative and application-based learning.

Cocurricular activities

Besides rigorous academic programs, we seek to develop and nurture the different facets of a child. The school encourages all students to participate in a variety of co-curricular activities from dance, art and drama to a variety of sports ...to environmental conservation, Eco Venture – Our school and students create an atmosphere, where Mother Nature is nurtured and respected. Excellere World School brings to Gurgaon a one-stop-destination for families who want a blend of academics, sports, arts, performing arts and social awareness. We capitalise on the sprawling infrastructure facilities, both indoor and outdoor.


Our infrastructure forms a strong background to our teaching and learning journey. The building is designed in a timeless manner which every student can relate and feel a part of. The building itself is created by deploying strategies that blend safety... & aesthetic in mind. From Foundation, which is designed to resist earthquakes to a great extent to engineered bricks that act like an insulator; from outside neat and cold reducing dependency on non-renewable resources.

Contact Us

Situated in Garhi-Chandu Road, Near sec- 99A, Garhi Harsaru, Gurugram, Haryana 122505.

Contact us - +91-98118 49222

Email us at info@ewsgurgaon.com